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Quality rice from the field

The Brazilian Association of Parboiled Rice Industries (Abiap) gathers the main companies in the sector working with state of the art technology and producing within the international quality standards. Abiap encourages the highly skilled production and guides its associates on the product commercialization in the domestic and foreign market.

Within the main Abiap actions, we point out the production certification. Abiap's stamp is a quality certificate, granted to companies acting according to the standards set by the entity.

The stamp assures quality to the product, facilitates the commercialization in the foreign market and helps the final consumer to identify the best-parboiled rice brands available in the shelves.

The entity also encourages and discloses the scientific research for the sector development; it propagates the advantages and benefits of the parboiled rice to the population and defends the associated companies' concerns in the legal and governmental cases.

What is parboiled rice?

Parboiled rice is the good quality rice, which, in its whole stage, goes through an industrial boiling process. That process focuses the main nutrients of the rice husks, such as Vitamin B, magnesium, phosphor and potassium. The grain becomes coarse thus increasing the yield in the pan, and its cooking time is short.

The parboiled rice with Abiap stamp is produced with state of the art technology and with stringent hygiene standards. After being cooked, its characteristics are clear, loose grains with a pleasant smell.

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Brazilian Association of Parboiled Rice – ABIAP
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