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Concern with quality since 1986

Associação Brasileira das Indústrias do Arroz Parboilizado (Abiap) was founded in 1986 by the CEO at that time, Alfredo Albino Treichel, aiming to favor and strengthen the development of the parboiled rice productive chain in Brazil.

The permanent basis of Abiap's history is to assure and update the maximum world production quality to its associates. In the 1980's, the main sector need was to consolidate the exclusive qualities of the parboiled rice, which was still mistaken in the market with the macerated, semi-parboiled or yellow.

Then, Abap instituted the Abiap Quality Stamp, granted to the companies complying with the stringent cereal manufacture program, with parameters that serve as reference to other countries, assuring a final product with the same quality and technology of the best world companies.

At the margin, Abiap promoted actions making part of the constant work on behalf of the associated: it has encouraged and disclosed scientific surveys for the continuing development of the sector; it has pointed out and has promoted the advantages and benefits of the parboiled rice for the population; it has defended the associates' concerns in the legal and governmental authorities and has provided guidance to the producers.

After 25 years existing, Abiap stands as the official quality-certifying agency of parboiled rice in Brazil, holding the most advanced parboilization technology in the world. The parboiled rice consumption grew at that time, from 5 to 25% in the domestic market. And the product accounts for 50% of the national rice exports of the country, which is up-and-coming in its position of exporter in the global agricultural market.

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