Technical Stamp Criteria

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  • Proof of potable water utilization of in the soaking process, through analysis supplied by a municipal or public agency.
  • Proof of licensing in the relevant Environmental Agency (LI or LO).
  • Utilization of a steam autoclave for gelatinizing the grains.
  • Utilization of the heat exchanger in the drying process (the use of combustion gas is forbidden).
  • The rate of non-gelatinized grains is smaller than, or equal to 2%.
  • Minimum 60% approval grade in the audit of Good Manufacturing Practices (BPF).

The BPF audit shall only be made if the candidate company complies with items 1 to 5. The BPF audit frequency is given as a function of the grade achieved in the audit:

Grade higher than 75% - audit at every 2 years;
Grade from 60% to 74% - annual audit;
Grade lower than 59% - a term of 6 months to reach 60% only for those already licensed.

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