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Abiap's stamp is the quality assurance for the parboiled rice produced in Brazil. It is the most practical and safest way for the consumer to acknowledge the brands complying with the stringent production standard stipulated by Abiap, based on the legislation and in partnership with research institutions and food control agencies.

Abiap is the quality-certifying agency of the cereal parboiled in Brazil. The companies approved with the certification are granted a license to stamp and Abiap Quality Stamp in the package of its products. The presence of the Stamp assures to the consumer that the product reaching them have the same qualities and production technology of the best-parboiled rice international brands.

The Stamp is important to value the selected group of companies meeting the requirements in all aspects of the product processing, from the plant environment to the physical-chemical characteristics of the parboilization water and the sensorial properties of the grain (softness, taste, aspect, etc.) among others.

Abips' Quality Stamp is an allied of the entrepreneur and the consumer. The businessman is certain to keep always very competitive both in the domestic and in the foreign markets, and the consumer, is certain to take home a superior quality product.

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