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1.Design / Facilities

1.1 Location, external area conditions and neighborhood – Exemption of odors and contaminants / Absence of pooled water / Absence of garbage / unused objects / Absence of animals, insects, rodents.

1.2 Access and proper physical space – Paved access specific for the productive activity / Proper Shipment and Landing Location / Physical location suitable to the production needs.

1.3 Toilets / Dressing Rooms / Washing stands – Good housekeeping / In perfect conditions and organization / Provided with soap and disinfectants / paper towels or suitable drying system / garbage container with automatic actuation lid / Dress rooms not containing food or beverage stored in cabinets.

1.4 Hydraulic facilities – Supply with certified water potability – Water tank in perfect use conditions and with periodic cleaning.

1.5 Garbage / Wastes – Garbage within plugged containers / Garbage removed on a daily basis / wastes (liquid, solid and gaseous) properly treated without causing contamination to the environment or to the water supply.

1.6 Cleaning areas – suitable location for cleaning and disinfecting moving equipment / Provided with suitable products / equipment procedures / Isolated from the processing areas.

1.7 Suitable Floors / Linings / Ceilings / Walls / Doors – Material of the resistant / anti-slipping / watertight floors in good condition and hygiene conditions / Ceiling in good conservation condition and good hygiene conditions / Smooth / watertight / washable walls / clear colors / in good conservation condition and good hygiene conditions / absence of openings / doors and Windows with smooth surfaces / of easy cleaning/ in good conservation condition / doors with springs and interior protection / protected strainers / Windows and Doors provided with screens with 1 mm opening.

1.8 Instalação elétrica – iluminação adequada / Luminárias limpas e com proteção de acrílico quando sobre a linha de produção.

1.9 Wiring – suitable lighting / Light fixtures clean and with acrylic protection when on the production line.

2. Equipment and Utensils

2.1 Equipment / machines / utensils – Equipment used specifically for is purpose / Provided with a smooth surface and easily cleaned / In good conservation condition / Provided with metal detectors or permanent magnets / magnetic grids.

2.2 Equipment control – Procedures described to control, calibrate and maintain the inspection / measurement and tests equipment / Keeping of updated calibration records / Calibration made to traceable standards / Documented and implemented maintenance program / Absence of equipment and utensils not used in the production area.

3. Personnel

3.1 Suitable uniforms – Closed uniforms / without buttons and pockets above the waistline / Closed shoes / Uniforms worn solely in the work area.

3.2 Hábitos Higiênicos – Boa apresentação dos funcionários / Ausência de adornos: esmalte, maquiagem / Higienização de mãos adequada.

3.3 Hygiene habits – Good workers' appearance / No ornaments: nail polish, make-up / Proper hands sanitation.

3.4 Controlled health condition – Accomplishment of periodic medical, demissional, return to work or position change exams / Absence of cutaneous affections, wounds, respiratory infections.

4. Raw Materials / Package materials – Acquisition control

4.1 Raw materials specifications – Definition of technical specifications for acquisition of raw materials and packages.

4.2 Acceptance and refusal criteria – Definitions of acceptance and refusal criteria.

4.3 Raw materials quality control – Raw materials properly controlled.

4.4 Package materials quality control – Package materials properly controlled.

5. Production / Quality Control

5.1 Suitable production flow – Linear flow in only one direction, with no possibility of crossed contamination / Entrance restricted to the production area / Minimum and hygienic manipulation of raw materials and other inputs.

5.2 Storage – Delimitations of storage areas / PEPS stocks control.

5.3 Disposal and reprocessing products – Removal of disposal products / Reprocessing for products improper to consumption does not occur / There are evidences of which products to be reprocessed are in conditions for such / Reprocessing or disposal products are identified in a clear manner.

5.4 Process control – Procedures documented setting production methods / Suitable production records kept / Records kept during a time longer than the life cycle of products / Procedures for corrective and preventive actions.

5.5 Quality Control – there is a quality control plan for the products under process / There is a quality control plan for the finished products.

5.6 Quality Control – Suitable quality control of the finished products, meeting the clients' specifications / Analytical methods are documented, standardized and acknowledged / Procedures for handling clients' claims.

6. Product Identification and Traceability

6.1 Identification procedure – Existence of documented identification procedures / Existence of identification per manufacturing lots or validity.

7. Pest Control

7.1 Pest control – There are procedures and planning described for pests' control.

7.2 of periodic inspections in the facilities and neighboring areas / Absence of evidence of the presence of insects, rodents, birds in the inner areas.

1- Critical 2- Deficient 3- Regular 4- Good 5- Excellent

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